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LED Foam Stick Function Is Different

Yiwu Findtoys Trading Co.,Ltd. | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

 LED foam stick Function is different

LED foam sticks luminous foam sticks fashion beautiful and beautiful LED foam sticks luminous foam sticks, versatile, novel design, unique design, stylish appearance, colorful design, use a wide range of applications for the dark environment or night activities, outdoor sports,

At the same time the performance of personality, fashion design both day and night are suitable for use or concert is essential to the props

How to achieve a healthy cycle of health

 Domestic small and medium-sized LED foam stick business is always suffering from the financing of the torment. This group of enterprises experienced several years of accumulation and desire to become bigger and stronger, but suffer from the money and then have to quietly waiting or even take the risk of borrowing high interest loans. Do not see, and recently there are LED foam rod industry base output value of billions of enterprises due to the capital chain break and the boss Paolu event.

At present, the domestic seven or eight thousand LED foam stick application enterprise is more than 95% is still small and small micro-scale, from the industrial chain of the circulation of money, if the application of "high fever", the upper reaches of the positive "cold" Collection of risk concerns, the upper reaches will also speed up the collection of funds, the downstream funds must be more tense.

Finally, we all hope from the national level of the LED foam stick terminal subsidies and support, but limited resources, released down, still only benefit the local LED foam sticks oligarchs. More difficult, five-year subsidy peak is about to go, the stronger the stronger, weak weaker differentiation pattern in the local administrative protection of the context has been formed and continue to consolidate.

Five years ago, perhaps few people will believe: LED foam sticks can dominate the field of lighting; five years later, few people should be skeptical: LED foam sticks have represented the future of lighting. In this era of God who "excited" quasi-LED foam stick era, inspired "hematopoietic" or disguised "blood transfusion", not only related to part of the LED foam stick business survival and development, but also the domestic LED foam rod industry can achieve healthy blood Big circulation problem.

Fortunately, in addition to the "blood transfusion" dependence, we have several areas to do the article: focus on a single product breakthrough, continuous micro-innovation technology, positioning differentiated competition, cost-effective products, the establishment of multiple channel access, leveraging electricity directly to the terminal consumption Wait.

The future, these may be the most "blood" value of the chips.