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Glow Jewelry Natural And Synthetic

Yiwu Findtoys Trading Co.,Ltd. | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Glow Jewelry Natural and synthetic

There are a lot of things to make luminous, including natural and synthetic. Luminous table is mainly photoluminescent material. Objects in the ultraviolet light, sunlight or ordinary light irradiation, the object in the dark environment has a certain luminous performance, called the object called photoluminescent material. There are also called long afterglow luminescent materials and energy storage luminescent materials. Their luminous intensity and delay time are related to the material of the object. There are many kinds of photoluminescent materials, long-sighted with long phosphorescent phosphors and rare earth long afterglow phosphors. The long phosphorescent phosphor is a phosphor made of zinc sulfide and copper, and the cost of such a phosphor is low, but the sulfide property is unstable, the deliquescence is easy, the aging resistance is poor, and the afterglow delay time is short. The rare earth long afterglow phosphor is a long afterglow phosphor with the addition of divalent rare earth europium and dysprosium on the basis of the aluminate phosphor, and the fluorescence delay is up to twelve hours or more.

There is a bracelet stacked up almost LEGO toy feeling, the shape is fixed uniform, the material is too hard but very personal, it is a plastic bracelet. Do not wear more, just a few, you can gas field full, and very wild, whether you are casual wind or ladies wind, can easily control.

Irregular jewelry has always been a lot of room for development, it is not limited, free to play, show different personality. Take the geometry of the bracelet, its conventional models are generally square or round, in addition, it can be sets of ring models, it can be a wheat section.

Palm bracelet is also a very cool jewelry, since the fire after the red carpet of the actress want to be unconventional will wear it, from the initial cover only the entire palm also made an extension, you can cross the ring and bracelet two attributes , A top two pieces is also too easy.

Do not feel that wearing anklet is not easy to be someone else's attention, in fact, it can set off a sexy ankle, and so the summer came when you will find the street wearing anklet girl a few.