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Light sticks production process

Yiwu Findtoys Trading Co.,Ltd. | Updated: Jan 13, 2017

After first put liquid into the glass tube, sealed. Then liquid b a mount has been sealed in a plastic tube. Then with a glass tube into the liquid in the pipe with liquid b. Finally, plastic pipe seals. A complete light sticks out.

Specific actions:: selected meets the specifications of the glass tube, air traffic control, sealed air, in a high pressure injection the liquid, dry glass tube, then it's another good.

II: pull out in line with specifications of plastic pipe, is the PE material, sealing machine is used a plastic air sealed, liquid injection b. Insert the glass cylinder with a liquid b liquid pipe, and then shipped to the shop sealed another mouth.

Third, pool sticks and then get washed, and with dryer dry, and then sent to QA, tests at a certain temperature light, liquid leakage, breakage does not meet the specifications of the products singled out, so that qualified sticks out.

Four last step is packaging, specified with the guest package, with normal foreign trade boxes, also have bar codes, labels one by one are not missed. so that products can be manufactured.